About Us

LV Decorating, Inc. specializes in building restoration for historical and residential dwellings.  Serving the area for 48 years, we are proud of the many beautiful improvements we have made in the community.  Our restoration services include every facet of repair and restoration including planning the overall project, and determining how to accurately restore the quality and original features of a deteriorating building using methods to upgrade the property with a minimum of reconstruction.

Qualified craftsman bring their skills to restorative carpentry, window replacement and restoration, floor replacement, lighting and hardware ornamentation and repair, masonry and brick cleaning, painting and many other decorative and design services.  Our team of craftsmen have been with our company for many years which provides for a safe, efficient and superior experience for our customers.

We invite you to review our photo gallery and other services on our website to introduce yourself to the full range of services available through LV Decorating, Inc.  For a free estimate or for further information, click on “Contact Us”.